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About us

We are first and foremost bird hunters. Ruffed Grouse in our area and pheasants whenever we get the chance! We’ve owned and hunted with all types of gun dogs – from “Rusty”, the old farm dog, to Goldens, Springers, Llewellyns and Shorthairs. All of them have their good points and we loved and learned from them all. As we got older, we began looking for a close working, easily biddable dog that would work close in the field and be a good companion in the house at the end of the day.


We did our homework and decided on the Epagneul Breton (aka French Brittany). We could go on and on about this breed, but there are plenty of sites online describing this little power house of a dog. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably studied every EB breeder’s site just as we did– but if you aren’t familiar with the breed, that’s a good place to start.


Once we got our first EB we were hooked and decided to get into breeding as a way to stay busy in our retirement years. Getting started later in life we knew we needed to find the best bloodlines available, and as you read through their pedigrees, you’ll see that we’ve done that.


Our dogs are bird hunters above all but they have won in the show ring and proven themselves in field trials as well. Your puppy will come pre-packaged with everything it needs to succeed, depending on the level of training you are prepared to provide. They will be just as happy beside you on the couch as they are in the field, so whether you’re looking for a great family pet, or a hard hunting field dog, EB’s excel at both!


We’ve hunted with a lot of dogs, we breed EB’s because we believe they are the very best, versatile dog for the foot hunter. Our goal for you and your EB is that you, too, can say “Best dog I ever had!”


Good hunting – Steve and Mary Krueger

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